"Coordinate Planes"

In math, a Cartesian plane is most commonly known as an X,Y graph. This graph has 4 quadrants. Here is the listing for the Quadrants and the relation to the (x,y) pair:

Quad. I: (x, y)
Quad. II: (-x, y)
Quad. III: (-x, -y)
Quad. IV: (x, -y)

The pair (3, -5) lies in Quardant IV.
The pair (3, 3) lies in Quard. I

Given an input file of 1000 randomly generated x, y pairs (plane.txt), how many of those pairs lie in Quadrant III?

This is fairly simple once you understand it. First get a copy of the text file (for my script it requires cURL) then split it up and itterate over each value pair. If both numbers are negative (in quadrant 3) add a hit to the result counter.