"Blackjack Anyone?"

Given an input file containing 1000 random blackjack hands between 3 players (here: blackjack.txt), calculate the number of blackjacks encountered for any player in all games.

A blackjack is defined as an Ace of any suit and a 10 valued card (Jack, Queen ,King or 10) of any suit.

The input file looks like this: (as an example)

4H 5C AD JH 9C 10H

This means that player one has a 4 of hearts and a 5 of clubs; player 2 has an Ace of Diamonds and a Jack of Hearts (which counts as a blackjack); player 3 has a 9 of Clubs and a 10 of Hearts.

For the purpose of this problem, it is known that there is a standard 52 card deck which is reshuffled for each new game.

Now this was a fun one... I recommend going slow and double checking everything, first get a copy of the file, then tear apart into hands, then check each hand to see if matches the rules for blackjack - If so then add to a counter :D