"Midpoint Sums"

In math, a midpoint is a point lying between two (x, y) coordinates on a graph.

As an example, say we have the points:
(2, 5)
(4, 10)

The midpoint is found by adding the two x coordinates, the two y coordinates and dividing by 2. The result is another (x, y) pair:

((2+4)/2 , (5+10)/2)
The answer is: (3, 7.5)

Given an input file of 100 pairs of (x,y) coordinates (plane22.txt), what is the sum of ALL the resulting y coordinates values? (Enter the number as a decimal in the form xxxxx.x)

A sample line from the file looks like this:

The pipe symbol is used to denote the pairs.

This one's not too bad if you just take it slow and split it into sections or steps to do, just go through each one one step at a time.